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[Note: This page includes paypal links which will allow you to make purchases,  etc. through Paypal – we will know by pricing what you have purchased; paypal will ask for all your delivery info. We are in the process of replacing this page with a more conventional web shopping cart structure and expect to have that open for business by Thursday April 7.]

Buy the DVD for individual home use.  Price is $20. Shipping and handling is $3.  Massachusetts residents click here to pay for the DVD via PayPal including MA Sales tax.  Others click here to purchase. Shipping begins April 7. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Separate license is required to conduct a home screening parties or classroom screening, and for public and academic screenings at various audience sizes. Information follows below.

HOST A SCREENING PARTY  IN YOUR HOME OR A CLASSROOM SCREENING    The film is  available to screen in your home or classroom to small groups (up to 15 people). The cost of  license for a single event at-home or classroom screening for up to 15 people is $99. Screening can be conducted with DVD or higher quality/high bandwidth download.  Purchase small screening license .  Small screening license includes one DVD, if needed.
Blu-Ray option also coming soon. If your small screening event will exceed 15 people, purchase multiple licenses to cover license cost – e.g. two licenses cover up to 30 people.

A8E81166-F6F4-41EF-9BD7-32959FB9EF89BRING THE FILM TO YOUR LOCAL THEATER   The film is aimed at the wider public, not just those “in the know.” We’ve teamed up with a website called TILT to make bringing an intimate dance to your local theater easy. We use a “theatrical-on-demand” model where we work with  you to promote the film and encourage people to reserve tickets in advance.  The screenings will happen if a minimum number of people reserve tickets online (generally around 30-50 people depending on the theater).  We believe generally the best way to start on this  is to join our local film screening committee, and a lead time of at least four months to build a public outreach, media and education culminating in a (hopefully)  large theatrical screening.  We will provide this core group with materials – posters, postcards, written outreach materials. We will share a portion of profits with local groups to support accessibility, and inclusive, mindful, and trauma-informed movement practices.  The filmmaker and core characters can also be available to speak to media in your area. Viewing the film on the big screen is a unique and fun theatrical experience.  Your event is gonna be awesome! Fill out the screening survey no later than mid-April if you want to be part of the first round of communities worldwide to screen the film in local theaters later this year.  

WORKSHOPS RELATED TO YOUR SCREENING EVENT  Premiere weekend participants were enthralled with the combination of the film screening and the everyBODYmoves festival model, focusing on inclusion and mindfulness in dance, as well as introductory contact classes. We strongly recommend scheduling workshops such as beginners contact classes after a public screening, and we are interested in collaborating to replicate the successful everybodymoves  festival model with selected screening events worldwide.


Filmmaker Sanford Lewis speaking after the film’s debut. Photo credit: Augusta Rose Photography

The filmmaker can join you after screenings in person or via Skype or phone for an engaging and provocative discussion of the film and its implications. There is so much to discuss! Dancing our values, neurobiology, physics and chemistry, healing, inclusiveness,  filming and editing choices, societal implications, using the film to change the world, and more.

PURCHASE THE FILM WITH PUBLIC PERFORMANCE RIGHTS (PPR) Public Performance Rights (PPR) allow organizations, colleges, libraries and non-profit groups to exhibit our films to groups of 100 or fewer individuals where separate admission is not charged. The term of the Public Performance (PPR) license is for the life of the DVD.  The DVD with PPR costs $449. Blu-Ray with PPR is $525.  Ideal for dance organizations wanting to screen the film at a jam or festival, community organizations, academic institutions and film clubs.

OTHER SCREENING NEEDS? We can tailor a license to your needs. Write to the filmmaker,  sanfordlewis at gmail.com with the event, number of people involved, and fees charged for registration or admission. We will develop an appropriate license arrangement.


RETAILERS AND DVD SALES We are ready to partner with retailers and individuals to distribute our DVDs. Want this display in your store? Watch here for a list of retail locations beginning in Western Massachusetts. Currently available at Blue Marble in Amherst and Northampton (2d flr, Thorne’s Marketplace).DAD65D3D-A5BA-432D-89A9-DA13C55540D4





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Mindful Movement Festival Poster $7